08 September 2010

Register to vote now

polling station signLambeth Council has recently sent out voter registration information for households across Vassall Ward and other parts of the borough.

It is vital that you complete the form and return it to the council, even if there are no changes, if you want to stay on the electoral roll. The information can be supplied to the council through the post, online or through a text message. Whilst there are no local or general elections planned for next year there will be a referendum on electoral reform on 5 May 2011

As well as giving you the right to vote being on the electoral roll also will help you get credit if you ever need to apply for a mortgage, bank loan or even a mobile phone contract.

The new electoral register will be available for inspection in libraries across the borough from 1 December 2010.

Further information on electoral registration is available at www.lambeth.gov.uk/registertovote