23 October 2010

Lambeth Police recruiting volunteers and Special Constables

Lambeth Police will be holding a recruitment day for Special Constables on Saturday 30 October 2010 at Holderness Way Estate, SE27 OEU 12-4pm.

The Lambeth Police website has more information:

Specials have a very important role as they are appointed to preserve the public peace and protect the inhabitants and the security of property in Lambeth. Specials have full powers of arrest like their full time colleagues and perform police duties under the supervision of, and supported by, regular officers. The function of the Special Constabulary is to assist the regular service in meeting the policing needs of the local community.

Recruits receive full training, both in the classroom and on patrol, to ensure they are fully prepared for their tour of duty. The average Special is expected to commit to two hundred hours of duty a year.

Police Sergeant Tristan Paoli said, "Lambeth has been set a challenging recruitment target for 2012 and it benefits the borough and the MSC for the Specials themselves to be involved in the recruitment drive. It allows prospective applicants to speak to serving Special Constables and hear firsthand what policing the streets of Lambeth is like."