27 October 2010

Lambeth politicans join together to condemn Conservative / Lib Dem cuts

Councillor Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council has joined other politicians in condemning cuts imposed by the national Conservative / Liberal Democrat Government.

A joint statement has been released:

We understand that cuts are necessary to repay the debt incurred preventing the banking system from collapse, protecting people’s savings, livelihoods and jobs.

However, the Coalition Government is using the need to deal with the deficit as an excuse to shrink the state, destroying vital public services and threatening the economic recovery with cuts that are too deep, too fast and hit the poorest hardest.

As a result, the Government is forcing Lambeth to make nearly £90m cuts over four years – losing over a quarter of the available budget. Labour will stand together with residents to do everything we can to protect services that are most important to local people. We will redouble our war on waste, share staff and resources with other councils, and work with our community as a cooperative council so local people can help protect and reshape services.

The 16% cut in police funding will hinder police in the fight against crime, cuts in housing will leave thousands of families in sub-standard and overcrowded homes with rents trebling and poor people driven out of central London, short-sighted cuts in schools and children’s services will see money snatched away from the poorest children and leaves vulnerable children at greater risk of harm, while treasured libraries are now at risk of closure.

The Tory-Lib Dem Government could have chosen to pay down the debt more slowly which would have meant fewer and less damaging cuts, but they have chosen instead to make an ideologically driven attack on public services that will mean real difficulty for people in Lambeth as elsewhere in the country."

Vassall Ward's Labour Councillors Kingsley Abrams and Adrian Garden both supported the statement saying "Sadly these cuts will be most felt in the poorest areas of Lambeth such as Vassall Ward where over the past few years we have seen real improvements brought about by Government investment in the housing stock and in the local area. We will fighting hard to ensure the Vassall gets all the money available to try and ensure that the Conservative / Lib Dem Government cuts dont undo Labour's good work in the area."