25 October 2010

September and October newsletter from Claude Moraes MEP

London Labour Member of the European Parliament Claude Moraes has sent out his latest newsletter giving details of his activities in September and October. Read more on Claude's website

Dear Friends
Welcome to my Newsletter.
If you are receiving this for the first time, it is a report from the European Parliament on my work and the work of other Labour MEPs on your behalf in Brussels.

I have been busy in September and October carrying out my work as Deputy Leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party, a Socialist Group Spokesperson and as your local London MEP.
After August recess, Labour MEPs were confronted with some high profile European developments.
These included the first infringement proceedings against an EU Member State on a human rights issue (France – the expulsion of the Roma). They also included action by MEPs on the banking crisis.
With this and other issues, we can see how the post-Lisbon European Parliament is proving to be an ever more important platform on the world stage for progressives to promote our shared politics.

I regularly update my website and Facebook page on the issues I discuss below.

Claude Moraes
Labour MEP for London

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