14 November 2010

Council warns that cuts are deeper than expected

In a statement on its website Lambeth Council has warned that cuts to services as a result of the central Conservative/ Liberal Democrat cutbacks are likely to be deeper than expected.
Full text of statement:
"The recent Comprehensive Spending Review has given us a large target to deliver in terms of savings. The calculations are £79million across the next four years and £40million in the next financial year.

We have already been working hard to identify savings through cutting waste but Leader of the Council, Steve Reed, warned of tough times ahead, saying: "The Government's decision to pay off the debt in such a tight timeframe will hit Lambeth hard." However he also added that the council would be fighting hard to get the best deal possible for residents.

Chief Executive, Derrick Anderson spoke of the council's determination to meet the challenge, he said; "It goes without saying that we are looking at the ways we will deliver these savings and I am confident that we will manage within our budgets. It will not be easy and there will be decisions that need to be taken that I would rather avoid. However, I will not be knocked off course. I am committed to the Co-operative Council and I am committed to delivering services that make a real difference to people here in Lambeth.

"We will keep focused on our vision of a Lambeth where everyone is valued, where there are real opportunities and we share responsibilities with our communities."