24 November 2010

Ken Livingstone condemns rail fare increases

Labour Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has hit out at above inflation fare increases and asked what the current Mayor Boris Johnson is doing to protect the capital's commuters.

Speaking yesterday on the day that they were announced Ken said "Although the fares details are hidden behind averages, today’s fare increases will hit commuters in London and the South East hard. The government should be investing in rail travel rather forcing fare rises, some of over 10 per cent, whilst passengers continue to face frequent delays and overcrowded services."

He went on
“And while millions of Londoners are facing unprecedented fare hikes the Mayor seems to have gone missing: does anyone know if Boris Johnson supports his Tory colleagues’ fare rises or not? It seems every time that London needs leadership and a Mayor to stand up for them, Boris Johnson goes AWOL. He needs to get a grip and put London first.”