19 November 2010

Vassall Labour Councillors set up new surgery to help people in Stannard Hall

Vassall Ward Labour Councillors Kingsley Abrams and Adrian Garden have set up a new monthly surgery at Stannard Hall in Vassall Ward to provide help to residents with money and other issues.

Stannard Hall (pictured) is a housing association block of flats on Cormont Road, SE5 specifically aimed at single unemployed people who would otherwise be homeless. Many of the residents have serious financial problems and have difficulty in obtaining the benefits and support that they are entitled to.

At the request of a resident, and with the support of the management, Labour Vassall Ward Councillors we have set up a monthly surgery in Stannard Hall to deal with a queue of people at each session. The Councillors work to help people by forwarding queries and complaints to the appropriate officers in Lambeth as well as providing advice and support.

To contact Vassall Ward Labour Councillors Councillor Kingsley Abrams tel 020 7274 1257 / 07932447763 or email kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk. To contact Councillor Adrian Garden tel
07980 645 033 or email agarden@lambeth.gov.uk.