04 January 2011

Bus passengers feel the pinch: Shawcross condemns Boris's 44% fare increase

Lambeth and Southwark London Assembly Member Valerie Shawcross has codemned the 44% fare increase imposed on London's bus users since the current Mayor of London Boris Johnson came to power.

From Sunday 2 January 2011 single bus journeys are increasing by 10p to £1.30 on a pay as you go Oyster card, with weekly bus passes increasing to £17.80.

Tube fares also increase with a zone 1 journey going up 10p to £1.90 whilst a 2-1 zone peak tube fare (for example a journey from Oval, Kennington or Brixton to central London) now costs £2.50 (up 20p).

Valerie Shawcross commented "Once again, it’s bus passengers who are feeling the pinch of these increases. When Boris Johnson became Mayor, it cost 90p for a single pay-as-you-go Oyster bus journey – it will now cost £1.30 – that’s an increase of 44%. At the same time, we know that Transport for London are reducing bus subsidy and even cutting the miles that our bus services will cover – we are quite simply paying more and getting less."

Val continued "TfL and the Mayor say these latest inflation-busting increases are necessary given budget pressures, but the Mayor has just scrapped the Western extension of the congestion charge zone, which was bringing in £70million a year. Instead some of London’s lowest paid workers – who tend to rely on the bus as the most affordable form of transport will be footing the bill instead – and getting a worse service for i
Val concluded ‘These increases will make a big difference to Londoners who may already be struggling financially. It all adds up to a not very happy new year present from the Mayor to Londoners’.