10 January 2011

Councillors consult local residents on road and pavement maintenance in Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward Labour Councillors Kingsley Abrams and Adrian Garden are asking local people which roads and pavements they think need improving in Vassall Ward.

The local councillors are promoting a Lambeth Council initiative to identify roadways and pavements in the Ward which have suffered particularly badly in the recent cold weather so that they can be included in the new improvements programme for action.

If the roads or pavements you regularly use are in need of maintenance please contact Councillor Kingsley Abrams - kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk or Councillor Adrian Garden - agarden@lambeth.gov.uk by 21 January 2011 so that it can be included in the maintenance schedule.

If the road or pavement problem is dangerous and requires urgent attention please phone 020 7926 9000, or email TandHCallCentre@lambeth.gov.uk where details will be taken and the problem inspected immediately for the worst problems and within three days for lesser problems with appropriate action being taken shortly afterwards.

Councillor Adrian Garden commented "Lambeth has an ongoing programme of road and footpath maintenance but inevitably some roads and pavements in the ward are more heavily used than others or particularly susceptible to frost damage and so develop problems faster than expected. On my regular walks around Vassall with Kingsley we are always on the look out for problems but cant guarantee that we see everything so Kingsley and I are asking local people -the real experts- to contact us with any problems."

Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "Maintenance of the roads and pavements is one of the Council's core functions so if you spot any problems report them to us and we will pass them on to the Transport and Streets Department for repair and chase up if required to ensure the work is completed."

This week Cormont Road in Vassall Ward, SE5 (pictured) is undergoing resurfacing as part of the planned maintenance programme. As a result parking and access in the road is severely restricted.

Further information Lambeth Transport and Streets Deaprtment