09 March 2011

February newsletter from Labour MEP Claude Moraes

Photo of Claude Moraes MEP on Vassall View
London Labour Member of the European Parliament Claude Moraes has sent out his latest newsletter giving details of his activities in  February 2011. Read more on Claude's website

Dear Friends

Welcome to my February Newsletter.

The last few weeks have seen dramatic and unprecedented events in the Middle East. The European Union has a major role to play here, where so called “Neighbourhood Policy” is a critical element of EU strategy with third countries. MEPs and the EU were fully aware of significant changes in Libya and to a lesser extent Tunisia because of increased refugee flows to southern Member States.

As the Socialists and Democrats Spokesperson in this area, I have been working with EU Commissioners and the Council on our policy in the Mediterranean, particularly in relation to Frontex (the EU’s border agency) and the new refugee problems in the Mediterranean.

Labour MEPs have also been working hard on a whole host of other issues this month, including the rights of victims package, resisting an EU-Columbia Trade Deal until human rights concessions are won, blocking US-style prescription drug advertising and continuing our work on important counter-human trafficking efforts.

I regularly update my website and Facebook page on these themes and other issues and hope that this report to you will be both informative and interesting.

Claude Moraes
Labour MEP for London

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