05 April 2011

Register to vote now to take part in the referendum on 5 May 2011

Register to vote now to take part in the AV referendum on 5 May 2011.

Although there are no elections scheduled for Vassall Ward in 2011 there will be the referendum on changing our electoral system from the current first past the post system to the alternative vote on Thursday 5 May 2011.

Are you registered to vote? Electoral registration forms were circulated in October 2010 but if you dont remember returning the form or have moved house since then you will need to register again. To find out if you are registered consult the electoral roll in the Minet Library or alternatively contact Lambeth's Electoral Services team on 020 7926 2144 or email them at electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk.

To participate in the referendum you need to be registered to vote before 14 April 2011

To register  download a voter registration form on the Lambeth Council website and return it to the council by 14 April.

For information on the different electoral systems see the Electoral Reform Society website - in particular the guide to AV  (AV is the system proposed in the referendum) and the guide to first past the post (the current system)