13 April 2011

Tory cuts likely to result in lost generation

New national figures released today by the Office of National Statistics show that youth unemployment has risen by 12,000 in the last quarter to a staggering 963,000 whilst the total number of 16 – 17 year olds out of work has risen by 14,000 to 218,000 -  the highest increase since records began in 1992.

Women have also been on the losing end of Tory led cuts with the number claiming job seekers allowance now at a 15 year high of 462,300. This has been attributed partly due to the large cuts being forced upon the Public Sector.

The governments relentless ideological cuts to public services and cutting of the future jobs fund is resulting in much of our younger generation being consigned to the dole queue. Young people are also facing added financial pressure with the newly implemented reforms to working tax credits and benefit system.

Lambeth's deputy Cabinet Member for Employment and Enterprise Cllr Sally Prentice said “This government has shown just how out of touch it is with young people today, but cutting Labour’s investment in programmes such as the Future Jobs Fund at a time of low economic growth, which is only going to make it harder for young people to find work.”

Guardian - Job losses have hit women hardest