06 April 2011

Labour Councillors are your community's first line of defence

Labour councillors will be your community’s first line of defence against the damage being done by the Tory-led Government and their Liberal Democrat allies.

Labour is your voice in tough times.


We would:

  • Support jobs with money raised from repeating the bank bonus tax - not hold back recovery with the VAT rise and cuts that will put almost one million workers out of their jobs.
  • Protect police numbers - not cut them while wasting £100 million on new elected police commissioners.
  • Protect your frontline local services – not make unfair cuts which will hit the least well off the most.
  • Get the deficit down through strong growth and sensible cuts – not by slashing too far, too fast, and putting your local economy at risk.
  • Stand up for young people - not kick away the ladder by tripling tuition fees; scrapping EMAs; cancelling Building Schools for the Future; and slashing school sport.