30 July 2011

Recycling on estates in Vassall and across Lambeth gets easier

Recycling on the estates across Lambeth, including those such as St Gabriels estate, Holland Rise House and Church Manor in Vassall Ward, has become a lot easier with the extension of the reusable orange bag scheme allowing recycling to be stored and carried easily and safely to the estate recycling bins. Over the next few weeks residents on the affected estates will receive a reusable orange bag for this purpose.

See the list of estates affected or for further information on recycling see the Lambeth website.   

This initiative is part of Lambeth's new waste strategy, which came into effect on 4 April 2011. This aims to get everyone reducing the amount of waste they produce and increasing recycling as much as they can. Recycling levels have increased by nearly 5 per cent already and Lambeth is on course to exceed the target of saving £600,000 on waste disposal costs by an extra £300,000 by the end of this year.