09 November 2011

Ken comes to Brixton to promote his Fare Deal

Labour candidate for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone this week launched his Fare Deal - his fares policy which will save the average Londoner £800 over the next four years. To mark this, dozens of supporters joined Ken for a 'Fareride' on the Victoria line from Walthamstow to Brixton to spread the word.

Ken Livingstone in Brixton on vassallview.com
A large crowd wearing Fare Deal T-shirts, waving placards and balloons had gathered to welcome Ken when he emerged at Brixton. Joined by Tessa Jowell MP and Val Shawcross AM, Ken spoke to the crowd (pictured) about how steep fare increases under Boris Johnson are squeezing Londoners hard.

Ken’s Fare Deal proposes to reduce transport fares overall by 5% next autumn with no fare increases at all in 2013. After which fares will rise no higher than RPI inflation. Measures that will save Londoners hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of pounds over four years. In contrast, Tory Mayor Boris Johnson plans to raise fares at 2% above inflation year on year.

Boris Johnson is out of touch and simply doesn’t get how hard ordinary Londoners are finding it at the moment. In reaction to Ken’s pledge on fares, Boris Johnson said “It would be, I think, the last thing that Londoners want or deserve”.

Ken will put Londoners first and cut the cost of travel.

More information on the campaign at www.kenlivingstone.com