27 March 2012

Minet Conservation Association Extraordinary General Meeting

The Minet Conservation Association will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 27 March 2012 from 7pm at Longfield Hall, corner of Burton and Knatchbull Roads in Lambeth's Vassall Ward. All local people are invoted to come and hear about the MCA's activities.

Longfield Hall in Vassall Ward on vassallview.com
The Minet Conservation Association is concerned about developments in the area around Myatt's Fields Park with a particular focus on the Minet Library, the park and Longfield Hall.

The MCA's website describes the purpose of the meeting as "A meeting to talk about the future of the Minet Conservation Association - your chance to give views on what the focus should be for the MCAand hear about options for local amenties including the Minet Library and Longfield Hall.  Also an opportunity to find out more about other local developments that will impact on the Conservation Area and how you can get involved."

Further information on the Minet Conservation Association website