11 April 2012

Livingstone pledges that "Millions of Londoners will be better off with Ken"

Ken Livingstone today launched his manifesto in his bid to become Mayor of London on 3 May 2012 by pledging that "millions of Londoners will be better off" if he is Mayor.

Ken Livingstone in Lambeth
Ken has pledged in his manifesto to make Londoners better off by:

• Cutting the fares by 7% this year - saving the average Londoner £1,000 over four years
• Working to reduce rents, improve homes with a London non-profit lettings agency
• Tackling heating bills - through insulation and an energy co-op to reduce prices and help households save over £150 a year
• Reinstating a London EMA of up to £30 a week to help young people stay in education
• Providing more support for childcare with grants and interest-free loans
• Reversing Boris Johnson’s police cuts, restore local sergeants

At the launch of the manifesto, Ed Miliband, Ken Livingstone, Val Shawcross and Tessa Jowell MP will unveil an innovative new online website: www.betteroffcalculator.com which allows every Londoner to see how they will be better off thanks to Ken's manifesto pledges.

Ken said "Two weeks ago, the Conservative government launched an attack on Londoners’ living standards. Four hundred thousand London pensioners were hit by the Granny Tax. Two hundred and fifty thousand families in London lost tax credits.   London needs a mayor who will stand up to that attack and do what they can to help working Londoners. Instead, all he did is lobby to cut tax for people on £150,000 a year – five times what the average working Londoner earns."
He went on "Those are the priorities of a Conservative mayor. My priorities are different. My manifesto today has at its core key pledges that will make Londoners better off by £1000 or more, through their fares, household energy bills, rents, education maintenance allowance and childcare costs. The Conservative campaign has nothing to offer by comparison. In the central choice on the cost of living, Londoners will be better off with a Labour mayor.”

Read Ken's full manifesto
Further information www.kenlivingstone.com