06 May 2012

Lambeth and Southwark votes Labour: Valerie Shawcross and Labour gain big majority

On Friday evening the results for the elections for Mayor of London and London Assembly were released.

Labour's Val Shawcross (pictured left) was re-elected with a greatly increased majority and a large majority of people in the constituency voted for Labour's Ken Livingstone for Mayor.

The Conservatives were second in the constituency whilst the Liberal Democrats moved to third place in the constituency London Assembly election and were fourth behind the Greens in the Mayoral and London-wide contests.

The full results for London Assembly show that over 83,000 people voted for Val Shawcross (52% of all votes), the next most popular candidate, Conservative Michael Mitchell gained 30,537 votes (19% of votes), the Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie (18,359 votes/ 12%) narrowly beat the Green Party candidate Jonathan Bartley (18,144 votes/ 12%).

Lambeth and Southwark overwhelmingly voted for Ken Livingstone over Boris Johnson for Mayor of London - Ken gained 78,333 first preference and 30,639 second preference votes, in contrast Boris Johnson gained 47,856 first preference and 15,923 second preference votes. Third in the constituency was the Green Party's Jenny Jones who gained 10,754 first preference and 29,534 second preference votes, in contrast the Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick gained 9,946 first preference and 29,366 second preference votes)

For London-wide members Lambeth and Southwark people voted Labour first with 78,174 votes, Conservative second with 30,498 votes, Green Party third with 20,151 votes and Liberal Democrats fourth with 15,945 votes. This means that Vassall's Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Bradley was not elected as part of the Lib Dems' London-wide list.

For full results see the London Elects website