27 July 2012

Join our campaign to end Vassall’s pothole problem!

Vassall Labour and Lambeth council are launching a new campaign to end the pothole problem that has been affecting a few streets in our area.

Lambeth Council are planning to resurface a record number of roads and pavements this year as part of a £10 million scheme paid for by the sale of redundant council office blocks. This will mean over a hundred roads or pavements in Lambeth will be re-laid, leaving streets looking smarter and making life easier for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. 

The project has earmarked a number of roads in Vassall for investment - a full list is below:

Mowell Street
Cancell Road
Russell Grove
Cowley Road
Patmos Rod
Templar Street
Evandale Road
Inglis Street

However, we need you help to make sure that these roads are improved. We want to be able to prove that local residents are backing our campaign – which is why we are launching a petition to get this money spent in Vassall. In the next few weeks we will be knocking on the doors of residents on these roads to ask them to sign our petition, and if they are not in, dropping a letter through their door about it.

If we have missed you on our rounds, then you can still sign up by emailing your name and address to Vassall’s Labour Action Team Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop at Vassalllabour@gmail.com. And if you have any views about the campaign, let us know them too! Do feel free to share this page with your friends as well.

We are in tough economic times, especially as the government has cut Lambeth’s funding by a third, a move sadly backed by Lambeth Liberal Democrats. But with this extra investment and your support we can get these roads and pavements improved.