31 July 2012

The Big Cowley Estate Survey

This summer Vassall Labour is carrying out a big resident's survey on the Cowley estate in Vassall.

We want to know what the big and small issues are for residents, whether it's problems in their block or home, and their views on how the estate can be made even better for them and their neighbours. In the past six weeks, we have been collecting these opinions by knocking on doors to speak to local people and dropping our survey through letter boxes. We have already helped to sort out a number of problems and picked up a lot of feedback - but we want more!

If you live on the Cowley estate and have missed us or haven't received a questionnaire yet, we still want your views! You can fill in an online copy here - and please be assured, all responses are kept confidential. If you would prefer us to send a survey in the post then please send an email to your Vassall Action Team members Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop at Vasslllabour@gmail.com.

And please pass on news about this survey to anyone who lives on the estate.

Once the survey closes on Saturday, 1 September, we will be feeding them back to the Cowley Resident's Management Organisation (CMRO), the leader of Lambeth council, your MP Kate Hoey and Vassall councillors as well as putting the results up on Vassall View.

And dont forget  if you have any problems - whether you live on Cowley or not - please remember to contact either one of your Labour councillors:

Cllr Adrian Garden: AGarden@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Kingsley Abrams: kingsleyabrams@hotmail.com