13 August 2012

Work begins on Myatts Field North regeneration project!

You may have noticed that construction has started in Myatts Field North as part of a £150 million Myatts Field North redevelopment scheme backed by Lambeth Labour.
Despite cuts and delays by the Lib Dem and Tory government, the project is finally underway with its mission to bring better homes, more jobs and new modern facilities to local residents. Here is what this exciting project will mean for our area.

What does the redevelopment mean … for residents?

The project will see the refurbishment of 172 properties, while 305 will be rebuilt from scratch to give residents new homes for them and their families. All current residents on the estate will be able to move to their new or refurbished homes on the same contracts as they currently have.  A further 503 houses and flats will be built, including 146 set at affordable prices. 
The redevelopment will also seek to create public areas that everyone in Vassall can enjoy. This will include a new park with games and play areas for young people, and a modern community centre and local store. It will be a green redevelopment as well, with a pledge to cut carbon emissions by 80% for the area.
The project is scheduled to be finished in 2017 and local community members are involved in monitoring the implementation of the contract through a resident’s forum. For more information about this get in touch with the Council’s Client Team on 020 7926 8315 or at MFN@lambeth.gov.uk.

What does the redevelopment mean … for jobs?

In order to give local jobs a boost, a set of refurbished commercial units will be put in place to attract businesses to the area. The project is also aiming to fill at least 50 per cent of jobs on the project with local residents. The opportunities include 12 management traineeships, 18 apprenticeships and 16 mentoring placements with one of the consortium partners.
If you’re interested in any of these position or other job opportunities get in touch with the client team. 

How do I find out more?

Despite all the good things that this development will do, Vassall Labour has been campaigning for better communications to residents from the developers, Regenter, following feedback we have had from local people. Thank you to those of you who have been in touch and have been keeping the pressure on/
We hope this update has helped give you more detail, but if you have any other feedback, complaints or questions send them straight away to the Council’s Client Team on 020 7926 8315 or at MFN@lambeth.gov.uk or directly to Regenter’s Resident Advisor on 0800 317 066.
Alternatively, get in touch with your local Labour Councillor Adrian Garden here.