13 November 2012

Streetscape are recruiting Senior Landscape Gardener at Myatt's Fields Park

Streetscape, based at Myatt's Fields Park in Lambeth's Vassall Ward, are currently advertising for a Senior Landscape Gardener.

Details from the Streetscape website

We are looking for an experienced landscape gardener/ trainer with exceptional interpersonal skills to join our team and: lead and provide high-calibre on-the-job training to our second team of apprentices; provide an unrivalled hard and soft landscape gardening service to our clients.

Salary: £25,000 – £30,500 p.a., depending on experience.

Closing date: Friday 23 November 2012 at 9AM.

To apply please send a CV and brief cover letter explaining why working for Streetscape would appeal to you to info@streetscape.org.uk.

Further details and job description on the Streetscape website