26 November 2012

Tree maintenance on Lorn Road and Groveway

During our recent mobile surgery along Lorn Road and Groveway, we received a lot of feedback about the maintenance of trees in the area, particularly those that have become overgrown. Although all the residents we spoke to valued the trees as a vital part of the community's green space, there were concerns that some of the trees were blocking light to certain properties and damaging the pavements. Along Groveway, residents also raised issues around safety, suggesting that some of the trees near Asquith Nursery were darkening the area, a situation that may have contributed to a spate of recent muggings.

Following these reports, your Vassall Labour team contacted Hyde Southbank Housing Association who are responsible for the issue along Lorn Road. They informed us that they now intend to do a series of inspections, carried out by trained tree surgeons, on the trees connected to the properties they are responsible for on Lorn Road before 1 December (weather permitting). They will consider from this whether pruning can take place, but only if this is allowed by local conservation orders that are designed to protect the important green spaces in the area. 

In terms of the Asquith Nursery area, we have been in touch with Lambeth’s Environmental services team who have now committed to pruning these trees. The local Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team have also been made aware of the muggings so that they can look at the recent criminal activity. 

We  intend to keep an eye on these issues in the coming months. Please let your local Labour councillor Adrian Garden know if you have any further views about tree maintenance at agarden@lambeth.gov.uk or 07814568024, or alternatively contact your Vassall Labour Action Team Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop on vassalllabour@gmail.com