27 December 2012

Join the Energy Bill Revolution

Are you worried about your next winter fuel bill? Is this more of a worry this year than last year?

Millions of families in the UK are struggling to heat their homes, with an increasing number having to choose between buying food and switching on the heating, or wearing hats and gloves indoors to keep warm. Cold homes damage people’s health – and lead to needless deaths – especially in the winter. Those who are more vulnerable, such as children and the elderly, suffer the most. In Vauxhall, more than 4,000 households are in fuel poverty, around 10% of all people living in the area

There is an answer to this problem. The Energy Bill Revolution is campaigning to lower everyone’s fuel bills and end cold homes. It is an alliance of 120 organisations calling on the Government to make our homes cheaper to heat and more comfortable to live in – with a real focus on those who struggle hardest to heat their homes. From next year the Government will even have a new source of money to pay for this as new policies increase the amount of our fuel bills that are paid to the Treasury.

But this won’t happen without your help. The Government needs to hear from all of us that this is a spiralling problem that must be tackled now. Please support the campaign by signing the petition at www.energybillrevolution.org – and ask your family and friends to do the same. Local Labour MP Kate Hoey has already given her support to this plan.

People shouldn’t have to live in cold homes and worry about their family’s health over the winter. Working together we can have warm homes and affordable bills for all.