12 December 2012

Transport for London outline plans for changes to P5 bus route

Transport for London have outlined plans for changes to the P5 bus route as it passes through Vassall Ward in Lambeth.

TfL bus route P5 travels from Elephant and Castle to Brixton and Clapham before heading on to Nine Elms and Vauxhall. It is valued for its convenience as it largely travels along back roads close to where people live.

As we outlined on Vassall View in 2009 TfL would like to return the bus service to its original Southbound routeing taking it along Langton Road and Lothian Road, SW9 (see map, left) rather than Flodden Road, Knatchbull Road and Lilford Road, SE5.
Proposed new route for P5 bus on vassallview.com

TfL argue that the restoration of the original route brings the bus closer to more people living on the Myatts North estate, and on Akerman, Lothian and Langton Roads.

The new route will not be as convenient for people using Myatt's Fields Park or the Minet Library which will be a further walk from the bus stops.

TfL want to know what you think - letters and further information has been distributed to households in the area around Knatchbull Road - you can have your say by filling in the consultation questionnaire on the TfL website where you can find further information. The closing date for submission of responses is 11 January 2013.

See consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/p5