02 January 2013

Boris puts fares up again

As many of us will have realised when we returned to work today after the Christmas break fares on the buses, Underground, DLR, trams and trains have increased.

Image of an Oyster Card on vassallview.com
On the buses and trams Boris has increased the cost of single fares from £1.35 to £1.40. On the Underground, rail and DLR fares have gone up between 10p and 40p if you use Oyster pay as you go (similar increases are also being seen for cash fares).

 For residents of Vassall Ward this means that it now costs £2.80 to travel to central London from Brixton, Stockwell or Oval tube stations at peak times and £2.10 if travelling off-peak.

If travelling by train the fare from Loughborough Junction to central London has increased to £2.40 peak (£2.10 off-peak).

 London Labour has warned that under Boris this is only the start and we face many more years of above inflation fare increases. Lambeth and Southwark Great London Authority Member Valerie Shawcross commented "Under Boris, Londoners are now facing another 10 years of above-inflation fare rises. We have already seen fares go up above inflation for the last five years. The Mayor needs to realise that Londoners are struggling, it is time he reined these inflation-busting fares in."

 Full details of the 2013 fares are on the Transport for London website