16 March 2013

100 extra police in Lambeth - help us make it happen

100 extra police officers for Lambeth campaign

The Mayor of London is moving towards making his final decision on the number of police officers for Lambeth on 25 March - and Lambeth council needs your support to make sure we get 100 extra police officers in the borough.

The council is asking for examples you can provide to demonstrate why Lambeth needs its fair share of police officers, to cut crime and make our streets safer. According to the Mayor’s own figures, the number of police officers in Lambeth has fallen by 20 per cent since 2010 meaning we’ve lost 214 police officers in that time – a higher rate than any other London borough.

Your experiences and examples of the positive work you do could make the difference as we press the Mayor for the police numbers the borough needs.

We’d like you to take part in the evening where we’ll have some large display boards to write your personal message to the Mayor of London, and the opportunity to film your message or story - we will then assemble this and present it to the Mayor.

Refreshments will be provided and feel free to come along for all or part of the evening. Please let us know if you or a representative can come by emailing rbilimoria@lambeth.gov.uk or call 020 7926 2485.