09 March 2013

Minet Library Open Day on Monday

The council has now agreed budgets for all of Lambeth’s libraries and our local Minet library needs your help to decide the next steps about:

Your library

How the library can better serve you and your community

To help get these opinions, there will be an open day at the library between 1pm and 8pm on Monday, 11 March 2013.

People will be available to talk to you and get your views, ideas, proposals and opinions about the decisions we need to make together.

It’s your library and we want to know what you would like to see it provide.

New activities?

Expanded community use?

Extra classes?

Changes to opening hours?

What sort of books do you want?

During the day there will be:

Free refreshments

Story telling for children by Penny Levick

An exhibition of local history

Bookreading of ‘Vauxhall’ by the author Gabriel Gbadamosi

So please do pop in if you can!

The Minet Library is located in Camberwell in Lambeth's Vassall Ward on Burton Road, SW9 at the junction with Knatchbull Road SE5