03 April 2013

Are you affected by the welfare changes?

The government is making a number of changes to welfare payments this year, with some taking effect this month, April 2013. The cuts will affect thousands of people across Lambeth, including many in Vassall Ward.

Lambeth benefits cuts poster on vassallview.comThis includes alterations to housing benefit, disability living allowance and community care grants.

* Council Tax Benefit is being scrapped – 20,758 Lambeth households will be hit by the reductions in financial support. 
* Disability Living Allowance is being abolished – 9,000 people in Lambeth will be affected
* Housing Benefit criteria is being changed in relation to the number of occupied bedrooms in a property – that affects 4,000 Lambeth households.
* A new Cap on Housing Benefit is being introduced later in the year – 667 Lambeth households most of them families will be affected. The average shortfall is £94 per week.
* London has the highest percentage (25.5%) of households receiving Housing Benefit of any region in the country
* Lambeth has 2nd highest number of Housing Benefit claimants in London and the 4th highest number of council tax benefit claimants
* Lambeth has the highest number of Job Seekers in London.

Lambeth council is keen to ensure residents are kept up to speed with this issue. If you want further information, please contact the Lambeth information service on 020 7926 1000 or email Vassall Labour Action Team member Annie Gallop on vassalllabour@gmail.com