22 April 2013

Vassall Action Team listens to concerns of residents in Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close, SW9

The Vassall Ward Labour Action Team regularly carries out 'rolling' surgeries where they go out and talk to people around the ward to find out their concerns, complaints and (occasionally!) praise for the Council.

Recently the Vassall Action Team visited residents in Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close, SW9 (pictured) - these are located in the Northern end of Vassall Ward near to Caldwell Street, Hackford Road and South Island Place, Lambeth SW9

Some concerns that the residents raised with the Vassall Action Team included

Maintenance in Holland Rise and Whitebeam Close 
We did receive a lot of positive feedback about how the local Tenants Management Organisation (TMO) are providing services in the area. However, issues were raised about the performance of the lifts in Holland Rise and repair works in certain properties. We have notified the relevant authorities and have been assured they have been looked at. If you have any further feedback about the upkeep of your area please contact your local Labour Vassall Councillor Adrian Garden on agarden@lambeth.gov.uk or 07814568024

Drains on Clapham Road
Despite the wet weather easing up in the last few weeks, we nevertheless got in touch with Transport for London after a number of residents complained about overflowing drains on Clapham Road.  We would appreciate residents keeping an eye on this issue and reporting any further concerns to the Vassall Labour Action Team on vassalllabour@gmail.com or ring Adrian on 07814568024

Concerns about the new Barclay’s Bike docking station on Clapham Road 
Several residents shared their concerns with us about the proposed location of the Barclays Bikes’ docking stations on Clapham Road, which would leave them next to the walls near Whitebeam Close. Although the addition of the new cycling facilities is to be welcomed, there is a fear they could be used by criminals to get a “leg up” over the Whitbeam Close walls.

Vassall Councillor Adrian Garden objected to the proposed location on behalf of residents and highlighted the advantages of placing the station on the opposite pavement. Unfortunately this objection and idea was overruled. Once the docking stations have been installed we will be monitoring the situation, but would appreciate residents contacting Cllr Garden with any problems on agarden@lambeth.gov.uk or 07814568024

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