22 May 2013

Vassall Ward Councillor checks on progress of new council housing on Myatts North Estate

Vassall Ward Councillor Adrian Garden on Wednesday saw for himself the progress that Regenter are making with the regeneration of the Myatts Field North Estate in Lambeth's Vassall Ward.

Councillor Adrian Garden visiting new Myatts North housing on vassallview.com
Councillor Garden (pictured) visited one of the first five new council housing properties on the estate and spoke to the new tenants.

He commented "It was great to check on the progress of the regeneration by visiting one of the newly built council properties on the estate. I was very impressed with the quality of the accommodation and the start of the transformation of the estate. I look forward to seeing many more houses being built for Vassall Ward residents over the next few years."

The regeneration of the Myatts Field North Estate started in May 2012 and is expected to last five years.

When completed the scheme will see
• Refurbishment of 172 tenanted and leasehold properties
• Demolition and new build of 305 tenanted and leasehold properties
• Additional 503 private properties
• New landlord district heating (Combined Heat & Power) system
• New community centre and park
• Repairs and maintenance services
• Housing management services
• Development and support of community services

Further information on the Myatts North regeneration on the Regenter website