07 August 2013

New project aims to get unemployed young people involved in improving the local area

An exciting new project has been established in Loughborough Junction which aims to improve the local area by offering opportunities for local young people to gain skills through volunteering.

Interjunction is a not for profit scheme that hopes to place 100 young NEET (not in education, employment or training) young people aged 16-25 into really exciting volunteering roles in the local community.

Its aim is firstly, to give young people the skills and experience necessary to succeed in future employment, and secondly, the regenerate the Loughborough Junction area by getting local people involved in local projects.

Young people from the Loughborough Junction area can volunteer anywhere in Lambeth or young people from Lambeth can volunteer in the Loughborough Junction area.

Young people will be placed within Kids' City projects and within other suitable organisations in Lambeth.

The idea of the project is to regenerate the Loughborough Junction area by increasing the amount of volunteering going on in the area and improving the skills of young people in the area.

If you are involved in a local voluntary organisation or community facility this is an ideal opportunity to get some extra help or develop a new area of work. If you are a young person or know of a young person who would benefit from gaining skills and experience sign up now.

Further information on the Interjunction website