06 September 2013

Labour team listens to concerns of residents on Loughborough and Lilford Roads

The Vassall Labour team regularly carries out 'rolling' surgeries where they go out and talk to people around the area to find out their concerns, complaints and (occasionally!) praise for the Council.

At the end of July, the team visited residents along the parts of Liflord and Loughborough Road inside Vassall ward (have a look at the ward map here). Some concerns that residents raised with Labour's council candidate team -  Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - are listed below, along with the actions they are taking to address them:

Bar on Loughborough Road

A number of residents raised concerns about the noise levels from the Xperience bar on Loughborough Road, especially late at night. We have written to Lambeth’s licensing department asking them to look into the issue as soon as possible. It is important that residents let Cllr Adrian Garden know of any specific times and dates when the noise from the club is causing a nuisance, you can contact him on agarden@lambeth.gov.uk

General state of streets and council properties in the area

We are currently following up individual queries from residents about the state of their properties. If you have any queries about your home or the state of local streets, please do get in touch with your Labour team at vassalllabour@gmail.com. Road resurfacing for Lilford Road is scheduled for 2013/14 and Loughborugh Road some point after that.
Controlled Parking Zone

Several residents raised issues about the difficulty of getting parking in the area. We have raised this repeatedly with Transport for London, especially about the possibility of having a controlled parking zone at times most useful to local residents. The next consultation on this issue will be in 2014 and we will keep you informed about this issue in the future.

Do you need help?

If you have any issues you want the local Labour team to look into on your behalf, or have feedback about your local area, you don't have to wait for us to turn up on your doorstep! You can contact Cllr Adrian Garden on agarden@lambeth.gov.uk or our council candidate team address on vassalllabour@gmail.com