07 September 2013

Pothole petition success - local roads set to be resurfaced this year!

Last year your local Labour team started a petition aimed at sorting out the worst pothole problems afflicting a number of streets in our area. After presenting the pothole petition to the council, signed by residents across the community, Lambeth council has agreed to resurface these roads in the autumn:

Cancell Road
Russell Grove
Evandale Road
Inglis Street
Templar Street
Lothian Road

Pleasingly Mowll Street, which had some particularly deep potholes, has already been resurfaced. All of the works are being carried out as part of a £10 million Lambeth Highway Improvement programme that is
being funded by the sale of redundant office blocks. This will mean over a hundred roads or pavements in Lambeth will be re-laid, leaving streets looking smarter and making life easier for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

We are delighted that the pothole campaign has been a success and wanted to thank all those who signed the petition!

We are aware though that other roads in the area also need resurfacing and we will be looking at how we can help to make this happen in the future, within the current tight funding constraints all councils are facing. One of the roads we did campaign for, Cowley Road, is not being resurfaced in the immediate future owing to the ongoing works around the Myatt's North estate which would have made resurfacing difficult.

If you have any feedback about this decision, want to talk about other issues in your local area or join the local Labour mailing list, then please contact your candidates for the 2014 council elections, Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop on vassalllabour@gmail.com. Alternatively you can contact your local Labour councillor Adrian Garden on agarden@lambeth.gov.uk and 07814 568 024.