14 October 2013

Labour Action Team listen to residents' concerns across Vassall Ward

The Vassall Labour team regularly carries out 'rolling' surgeries where we go out and talk to people around the area to find out their concerns, complaints and (occasionally!) praise for the council.

During September our team visited a number of streets, including Foxley Road and Caldwell Street, as well as the parts of Clapham Road, South Island Place and Camberwell New Road that fall within Vassall ward.
A host of different issues were thrown up during these surgeries, from personal concerns caused by the government’s welfare changes (more information about the welfare changes here) and other more street specific topics.

Below is a summary of some of the queries raised with us by residents and how we have attempted to address them.

 If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Labour council candidate team – Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop – at vassalllabour@gmail.com.

Street cleaning
Residents on all of the streets listed above mentioned that they were concerned about the cleanliness of their roads, especially the amount of litter. We have spoken to the street cleaning department at Lambeth council and asked them to ensure that this problem is addressed. If you have problems with the state your roads, please do contact Lambeth council’s Streetcare service on 020 7926 9000

Tree pruning on Camberwell New Road
 With the autumn approaching, residents on Camberwell New Road raised concerns about a number of overgrown trees and how large numbers of leaves were causing some roads to become slippery and dangerous. We have asked for the council to look at pruning a number of trees in the area in the next few months.

State of the drains on Camberwell New Road
A number of residents raised concerns about the problems with drains on the street particularly that they overflow during heavy rain and occasionally cause a strong smell during the summer. We have written to Thames Water asking them for an explanation as to why this problem hasn’t been solved and for them to keep residents better informed about their work on the road. We are still waiting for a response to this letter, but please keep an eye on www.vassallview.com for further updates.