11 October 2013

Labour team listens to concerns of residents on the streets off Knatchbull Road

The Vassall Labour team regularly carries out 'rolling' surgeries where we go out and talk to people around the area to find out their concerns, complaints and (occasionally!) praise for the council.

At the end of August and the beginning of September, the team visited residents along the streets off Knatchbull Road, including Penford Road, Templar Street, Upstall Street, Welby Street and Inglis streets in Vassall SE5 (have a look at the ward map here).  Following on from a number of concerns about particularly parking and rubbish collection, the team organised two “walkabouts” with a Lambeth cabinet member and council staff to address a number of specific issues.  Some of the concerns raised with Labour's council candidate team - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - are listed below, along with the actions they are taking to address them:

Parking issues

A number of residents raised concerns about various parking matters, including cars being parked without up to date tax discs and vans blocking parts of the streets, especially on Templar and Penford streets. We have been in touch with Lambeth council who will be sending traffic wardens to check the area for illegally parked cars in the coming months. This has already resulted in one abandoned car being scheduled for removal by council staff.

Resurfaced roads and pavements
As residents on Inglis Street and Templar Road will hopefully have seen, their roads are due for resurfacing following a successfully petition last year from the local Labour team. We have noted residents concerns about the state of other roads, particularly Welby Street, and will be passing that onto the council for them to consider for the next round of road resurfacing.

Burglar arrest
We have contacted the local police about some of the recent crimes in the area, particularly a spate of burglaries. They have informed us that a burglar was recently arrested in part due to evidence from the CCTV camera on Templar Street and that in the past month there has been a drop in crime in the area following a focus by local police. Thanks to the feedback from one resident, we have confirmed that the Templar CCTV camera is being partly obscured by an overgrown tree which we are now asking to be pruned.

Bins in the area
Several residents were concerned about overflowing bins in part of the area and about the impact of the closure of a communal bin on Paulet Road which is resulting in more rubbish being dumped on surrounding streets. We are in discussion with the council about this issue, but if you live in the area do send us your views about the cleanliness of the area.

If you have any further issues your want to discuss with us or want join the local Labour mailing list, please contact your candidates for the 2014 council elections, Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop on vassalllabour@gmail.com