04 November 2013

Paul Gadsby to stand as Labour's candidate for the Vassall by-election

Labour has selected local Lambeth resident Paul Gadsby as their candidate for the Vassall council byelection on Thursday 28 November.

Paul, who lives on South Island Place, is an active local community campaigner who has been a member of the local Labour action team for the last 18 months.  During that time he has pioneered Labour's rolling surgeries which have visited resident's across Vassall to talk to them about their issues and concerns.  

This has included working with other community activists and groups to put together a meeting which sought to support those suffering from the impact of the Tory-Lib Dem government's cuts and promote responsible banking.  

Paul has also helped lead on a variety of local campaigns with his fellow council candidates for the 2014 council elections, Jacqui Dyer and Annie Gallop, from road resurfacing and housing petitions to large scale surveys of key estates like Myatt's Field North and the Cowley estate. He has also helped to organise a series of coffee mornings that put elected representatives in front of local people.  Paul has been a regularly attendee and volunteer at community organisations across the borough.

Talking about his selection, Paul said:

"I am really delighted to have been selected by Vassall Labour members for this byelection.  I have enjoyed working in this fantastic community in the last few years, whether its been volunteering on the food stands at the Jubilee celebration at Myatts Park, helping residents with local projects and their community groups or getting stuck in to sorting out individual problems for residents.

"I know that a lot of people are suffering badly at the moment, especially from out of control energy bills and other pressures on their finances, and that they need a committed councillor that will fight for them. I am looking forward to the campaign and, if elected, being a representative for this great area. " 

Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall said:

"I am really delighted that we have such a strong team of Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop working in Vassall and providing a strong voice for residents.

"Paul will make an excellent, vocal councillor for local people and I will be working hard for his election on Thursday, 28 November."

If you are interested in helping out with the campaign, please do send us an email at vassalllabour@gmail.com

 Photo of Vassall candidates on vassallview.com 

Paul Gadsby, second from left, with local MP Kate Hoey, Labour council candidates Annie Gallop and Jacqui Dyer, and Lambeth council  
leader Lib Peck at the recent Myatt's Field South coffee morning in October                   

Vassall Labour candidates Paul Gadsby with Imogen Walker and Annie Gallop on vassallview.com

Paul with Annie Gallop and Lambeth cabinet member Cllr Imogen Walker at the Cowley estate food farm