03 January 2014

Lambeth publish Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme measures to make Vassall roads safer

Lambeth have released the formal proposals for improvements to Vassall Ward under the terms of the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme.

Following on from the meetings held in July 2013 and a consultation in September and October 2013 formal proposals have been produced by the Council and now go out for consultation.

The NEP measures for Vassall Ward aim to make the area more pleasant by slowing down speeding traffic on residential roads by introducing speed humps and speed cushions.

Under the proposals speed humps will be installed on Calais Street, Cormont Road, Cramner Road, Mostyn Road, Knatchbull Road, Paulet Road. Speed cushions will be installed on Vassall Road. Waiting restrictions and no parking areas will be introduced on various roads. For full details see the traffic order linked to below.

The speed humps proposed are of the 'sinusoidal' type which offer a shallow  rise  and fall rather than a sharp bump - these should ensure that cars and other motor traffic maintains a low speed rather than speeding from hump to hump, these are also more cycle friendly than conventional speed humps. Speed cushions are proposed also to slow down traffic by forcing drivers to align their vehicle to pass smoothly over the cushion, these have the advantage of not disrupting emergency vehicles. Other NEP restrictions imposed will restrict waiting around junctions to aid pedestrian visibility.

The full traffic order is available on the Lambeth website

The measures will be introduced by the end of March 2014.