23 May 2014

Three Labour Councillors elected in Vassall Ward in Lambeth elections 2014

Thank you to everyone who supported Labour in  yesterday's Lambeth Council election in Vassall Ward. The three Labour candiates - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop have been elected to represent Vassall each with a majority of over 1,200.

The Liberal Democrat vote in the ward dropped significantly and now the Green Party and Conservatives are the main opposition in the ward.

Full election results for Vassall Ward (taken from Vassall results page on  Lambeth website)

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Jacqui Dyer Labour 1751 19% Elected
Paul Gadsby Labour 1723 19% Elected
Annie Gallop Labour 1671 18% Elected
Celia Esme Cole Green 598 6% Not elected
Paul Thomas Abbott Conservative 463 5% Not elected
Stuart David Barr Conservative 451 5% Not elected
Owen Everett Green 451 5% Not elected
Lindsay Jean Avebury Liberal Democrat 445 5% Not elected
John Noah Walton Green 419 5% Not elected
Collette Dawn Thomas Liberal Democrat 388 4% Not elected
Joshua Gething Conservative 382 4% Not elected
Dominic Karma Wyard Liberal Democrat 254 3% Not elected
Mark Chapman Pirate Party 129 1% Not elected
Dalton Montague Trade Unionist
and Socialist Coalition
113 1% Not elected

Congratulations to Jacqui, Paul and Annie - contact and surgery details to follow shortly

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