27 August 2014

Loughborough Road meeting: Residents asked to give their views on improving their road

Following lobbying from local residents and councillors, Lambeth council has organised a special meeting on Tuesday, 2 September to look at traffic control measures along Loughborough Road on the edge of Vassall ward.

The road at the moment suffers from high levels of congestion and incidents of road rage that have been increasing in the past few years. After the lobbying from the local Labour councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - the road and pavements will be resurfaced shortly and Mostyn Road will be going back to two way, resulting in some traffic no longer being channelled down Loughborough Road. However, as residents have made clear to the council, more needs to be done to make sure this key road is improved for local people. 
The council has suggested two options aimed at improving the situation. A summary is listed below, but a fuller outline of the proposals is avaliable from Haibat Abro on habro@lambeth.go.uk 
These options will be discussed at the specially arranged meeting on Tuesday, 2 September, 6.30-8.30pm, 336 Brixton Road, SW9 7AA. All residents welcome - and please do email Abro if you have any thoughts about these plans.

Option 1— New double yellow lines:

Where: Outside no. 40 to no. 46 Loughborough Road.

Benefit: Road width increased to reduce congestion and majority of the vehicles do not need to mount pavement outside no. 29.

Impact: Loss of about 6 car parking spaces while there is already a considerable pressure on parking demand.

Other considerations: The road will remain narrow when the disabled parking bay outside no. 48 is in use. We are unable to remove the disabled bay. Furthermore, this option will take longer to implement as it requires statutory consultation before implementation.

Option 2— Road widening by reducing pavement width:

Where: Pavement width reduced outside no. 29 to no. 35a Loughborough Road

The remaining pavement will still be at least 2m wide, which is wide enough to comply with Highways Agency recommendations.