17 October 2014

Lambeth Living announcement: Housing services to be moved back "in-house"

Lambeth council announced last week that housing services currently provided by Lambeth Living will be moved back "in-house" from next year.

The announcement was made by Cllr Matthew Bennett, cabinet member for housing, who said in a statement:

“Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Lambeth Living staff we’re in a good position to reconsider how housing is best managed for tenants, leaseholders and the council in the years ahead.

“There are 21,000 people on the housing list and we’re committed to improving services for tenants and leaseholders alongside ambitious plans to provide new council housing.

“We are investing a record £490m in housing to bring thousands of homes up to the Lambeth Housing Standard, have drastically reduced the number of empty properties and cut the average time to re-let empty council homes to just 12 days.

“Now is the time to build on these improvements and re-integrate housing with other council services.”

Keith Hill, former Streatham MP and chairman of the Lambeth Living Board said:

“Lambeth Living’s outgoing chief executive Neil Litherland and his staff must take credit for all they’ve achieved.

“In the current financial climate and with a very different housing landscape, it’s a wise decision to pause and reflect on whether the current set up is what’s needed for the future.”

If you are someone who recieves Lambeth Living services, you can find out more about what the changes means for you here