08 December 2014

Local councillors start campaign to return Mostyn Road to two-way traffic

Following feedback from residents throughout Vassall, the local Labour team are launching a new petition aimed at ensuring that the developers involved in the Myatt's Field North regeneration return Mostyn Road to two way traffic.

Currently, the road is operating as a one way system while the redevelopment in the area is completed, with cars not able to access Brixton Road. This was intended to be a short term measure, but local councillors are concerned it may remain in its current state. Besides making access to Myatt's Field South estate more difficult, the current flow of traffic is forcing more cars down Loughborough Road, adding to traffic jams in the area.

The petition is outlined below - anybody interested in signing the petition should email vassalllabour@gmail.com with their name and address so that they can be registered. 

A full copy of the petition is below:

Petition calling for Mostyn Road to be reverted back to a two way traffic road

The current one way nature of Mostyn Road was always supposed to be a temporary measure during the regeneration and we are disappointed to learn that the developers now appear to want it to remain in this state permanently. The one way nature of the road is causing a number of problems including:

1. It is difficult for residents of Myatt’s Field South estate to access the estate properly, including carers looking after vulnerable residents on the estate and those with mobility issues.

2.Traffic attempting to access Brixton Road is being forced down the next available road, Loughborough Road, causing traffic congestion and making the road more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, with bikes and vehicles forced onto the pavement where the road is too narrow for two way traffic.

This petition supports the local Labour councillors – Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop – in calling for the road to be reverted back to two way as soon as possible.