23 January 2015

"Special look" to be taken at parking issues in Vassall

Lambeth council's cabinet member for parking has confirmed that the borough will be taking a "special look" at the parking issues in Vassall, particularly in the area around Myatt's Field Park.

The information was revealed in a written answer to a question submitted to next week's council meeting by Cllr Mary Atkins who was drawing attention to the announcement just before Christmas of a parking stress review in the borough. Cllr Atkins asked:

"The nine Labour councillors representing Brixton Hill, Tulse Hill and Vassall have been lobbying relentlessly for a Controlled Parking Zone review in areas of their wards following feedback from residents, so we are delighted with Councillor Brathwaite’s plans to conduct a parking stress review in 2015. Can the Cabinet Member outline when this will take place and how it will be implemented?"

Answering the question, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, the Lambeth council member with responsibility for parking said:

The volume of communications from local residents and businesses requesting reviews of existing CPZs or the extension of control parking restrictions has been notable. Residents in Myatt’s Field find that they live in one of the few parts of Lambeth close to the centre of London without a CPZ and have expressed their frustration at the parking stress and congestion caused by commuter parking and the growing parking demand by occupiers of nearby developments. Given that large scale developments within the borough are set to continue, particularly to the north, the demand for parking spaces is unlikely to abate. 

In response to residents’ long held concerns about parking stress, despite the harsh financial times this council faces, I am determined to find ways to address residents concerns about parking stress. It was therefore decided that a borough wide feasibility study of parking should be undertaken.

A borough wide study will:

· Enable us to consider the matter holistically, ensuring that any measures undertaken by Lambeth to address parking stress in one area do not displace the problem onto neighbouring streets

· Ensure that limited resources are targeted at areas which need them most​

· Help officers prioritise areas rather than implement measures on an ad hoc basis

· Provide an overview of parking patterns and evidence to enable new CPZs or other parking restrictions to be considered

· Enable us to take action on addressing parking stress earlier.

The feasibility study will start in April 2015 and will be carried out in two phases along 12 months:

The first phase will concentrate on the north of the borough, most of which is covered by CPZs. This part of Lambeth has experienced the most development pressure. The review will assess whether parking stress has increased with higher densities or whether changing travel patterns and falling car ownership has minimised the impact of the rising population. During this phase there will be an opportunity to review the hours existing CPZ s operate to determine whether they continue to meet the need of local communities.

While this review is being undertaken we will take parallel action to address some existing parking problems. We shall also be taking a special look at Myatt’s Field. The review will undertake a technical overview of the parking needs of the area taking into account current and future developments in the vicinity.

Once Phase 1 is concluded, officers will analyse the results and implement the measures needed to tackle parking stress in the north of the borough, subject to finance. That way, residents in areas determined by phase 1 of the review to be most in need of action, will not have to wait a year from the start of the review to find out the schemes proposed, in consultation with residents and businesses, to elevate parking stress in their locality.

Phase 2 of the review will be to carry out a parking stress survey in the rest of the borough – mainly the non-CPZ areas. This will enable the council to determine whether there is a need to extend the existing controlled parking zones or implement other measures to address parking stress. In the south of the borough a number of local communities have campaigned for new CPZs and several major development schemes could add to parking stress in the future.

I would encourage as many people and businesses as possible to take part in the review. Anyone who would like to be kept informed should sign up at www.lambeth.gov.uk/cpz