27 February 2015

Councillor surgeries in March

Vassall Ward Councillors Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop will be holding their regular surgeries in Vassall in March​. They will be held on:

Tuesday, ​3 March ​2015
Myatts Field Park Depot
Cormont Road
1pm - 2pm

Thursday, 26 March 2015
Cowley Estate Community Centre
off Vassall Road

Saturday, 28 March 2015
Myatts Field South Community Hall
Burton Lane

If these dates are inconvenient for you or you have a problem or issue that requires immediate attention please contact the Vassall Labour Councillors directly:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - 07920 548463 -jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby - 07814 567 690 - pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - 07920 560175 - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

23 February 2015

First meeting of the Friends of Minet Library tonight 7pm

Come along tonight, 23 February 2015, for the first meeting of the Friends of Minet Library - 7pm in the library.

As you may be aware Lambeth Council are currently consulting on the future of library services in the borough.

Owing to severe central government funding cuts the council need to save money and have proposed closing the Minet Library in Vassall Ward.

Come along to the Minet Library at 7pm to find out more about the Friends of Minet Library and how you can help to shape library services in this neighbourhood. For more information contact hub@minet.org.uk

See more on the cultural services consultation

Holland Town AGM set for early March

The newly reformed Holland Town estate Tennants and Residents Association will be having its second AGM on Wednesday, 4 March 2015 at 7pm at the Holland Town Community Hall (11 Vassall Road).

All residents are welcome to attend and Vassall's local councillors will also be going along. If you cannot make the meeting, but have an issue you want them to raise please do email your councillors below:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby -  pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

21 February 2015

Cultural services consultation: What do you want from cultural services in your area?

Vassall's three Labour councillors have in a letter published in the South London Press urged residents to give their views on the future of cultural services in their area as part of Lambeth's new consultation.

As Vassall View reported at the end of January, the borough has launched the review following deep cuts by the government that have slashed Lambeth's budget in half since 2010. The council is now asking for feedback on a series of proposals, including around the Minet library, aimed at maintaining good quality services while making savings.

The letter can be read in full below. If you want to give your opinions please have a look at the handbook that accompanies this consultation and send in your views here. You can also send in your ideas to your local councillors. 

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter for publication

As councillors in one of the most diverse yet also deprived wards in Lambeth, we understand the strength of feeling there is about library services that was highlighted by the Minet vigil (Candelight Campaign, Friday, 13 February)

Sadly, Lambeth has seen its budget slashed in half by the Tory-Lib Dem government, with an expected £200 million cut by 2018. These devastating cuts mean we have to make some difficult decisions and try to find new ways of delivering services.

As councillors we have worked hard to ensure that in these proposals there would continue to be library provision in Vassall, but given the cuts they do have to be financially viable. On the Minet, the council’s proposal is to sell the building to provide money for a fund that will be open to community groups and others to use to deliver a local library service. This has been suggested as the Minet has the lowest number of library visitors in Lambeth and many Vassall residents use other libraries, like Brixton. What an alternative local service will look like will be up to residents to help shape: it could involve a book lending service in a community centre with study spaces and digital facilities. GP practices, cafes, cinemas and even pubs have all been used for a variety of library services in the past.

This is currently a proposal and no decision has been made. The Minet Hub, who councillors have met twice in the past few weeks and who we invited to the town hall to meet the relevant Lambeth cabinet member, are working on their own plans. We are keen to hear from all members of the community as it is vital in our view that we a modern, accessible service that reaches out to every part of our community.

Whatever option is taken forward, we do need residents to tell us what they want from their local library service – so do get in touch with us if you have any ideas so that despite these government inflicted cuts we can continue to deliver the best possible service with the resources we have.

Yours faithfully

Cllrs Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop

20 February 2015

Fly tipping crackdown in the Brixton Road area

Following reports from local residents, Vassall's three Labour councillors have been leading a crackdown on fly tipping in the Brixton Road area - and they want resident's help to ensure those dumping rubbish on our streets have action taken against them by the council.

In the past few months, local councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - asked Lambeth to investigate persistent fly tipping problems around Brixton Road, particularly near Lorn Road after feedback from residents in the area. This lead to the identification of one fly tipper who the council is now taking action against.

There has now been an improvement in the state of the area since this action, but councillors are asking local residents to help with Lambeth Labour's zero tolerance approach to fly tipping across Vassall.

In a statement, Cllrs Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop, said:

"When fly tipping happens it is a real blight on the local landscape and can clearly become a health and safety issue. Fortunately, most streets in our area are free from this problem, but fly tipping can suddenly take hold and its important we immediately nip it in the bud.

"We are glad that the council has taken the issues around Lorn Road seriously and are taking action against one fly tipper who was identified from information contained in some of the dumped rubbish.

"Identifiying fly tippers is not always possible or easy, especially as with the Tory-Lib Dem government cutting Lambeth's budget in half since 2010, the council does have much reduced resources to spend in this area. However, as this case shows, feedback from residents can make a real difference."

Tackling fly tipping: Three steps local resident's can take

  • If you see anyone in the process of fly tipping please get in touch with the council, making sure you send as much information as possible including vehicle registration, photographs or other details. 
  • You can report offenders over the phone (020 926 9000) or online here - as well as report any already dumped rubbish.
  • Contact your three Labour councillors if there is a particular problem that you want us to ask the council to investigate. Our contact details are below:
          Councillor Jacqui Dyer - jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

         Councillor Paul Gadsby -  pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

         Councillor Annie Gallop - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

18 February 2015

New Myatt's Field North Community Centre to host next community safety meeting

The newly opened Myatt's Field North Community Centre will host the next Vassall Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting on Wednesday, 11 March (6.30pm onwards).

The meeting brings together community groups, the local police and residents to discuss community safety, crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. It is open to all residents so if you live in Vassall do feel free to drop in if you can.

Your local councillors will be attending and are happy to raise any issues on resident's behalf, feel free to send through any queries via email to the below contact details:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby -  pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

You can also speak to Vassall's dedicated police officer, PC Louise Steeden, on:


08 February 2015

Councillors call on Tfl to "clean up their act" as new study finds poor air quality is damaging the local area

Vassall's three local councillors have joined Lambeth Labour's campaign to force Tfl to address poor air quality around Brixton Road and the surrounding area.

The new petition which kicked off this week calls on London's transport bosses to introduce retro fitted, clean buses after new figures suggested that Brixton Road breached the legal limit for diesel fume pollution for the whole of 2015 after just four days this year. This key road which runs through the heart of Vassall is one of the busiest in South London, with large numbers of Tfl buses using the road and contributing significantly to pollution in the area.

The petition, sponsored by Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, the Lambeth cabinet member responsible for transport and the environment, says:

Brixton Road has the worst recorded air quality in London. The limit on NO2 recommended levels was breached after only three weeks of this year. Gas guzzling London buses are the primary cause of this poor air quality which affects the lives of Lambeth residents. Public Health England has estimated that 112 deaths a year are connected to poor air quality in Lambeth. We need TfL to clean up the buses so we can clean up our air quality.

Lambeth is a borough where major bus routes and high numbers of taxis contribute significantly to the pollution levels. Brixton Road is a TfL road which carries the highest number of buses and taxis in the borough.

Brixton Road is carries the highest number of buses and taxis in the borough and Streatham High Road is not far behind. We call on the Mayor of London to use retro-fitted, clean buses on these roads to protect the people that use them every day.

We are neglected by tube and train services in South London and depend on buses more than anywhere else – why shouldn’t we have the best ones?

Vassall's three Labour councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - all support the new petition, adding in a statement:

"We have to make London's transport network cleaner and ensure that local people in the area are not subjected to poor levels of air quality. Brixton Road is bordered on either side by a large number of homes, local businesses, places of worship and not too far from local primary schools. The impact of air pollution will extends far beyond this immediate area and is no doubt affecting people's health throughout Vassall. We need Tfl to get their act together and address this vital environmental and health issue."

You can sign the petition here - and don't forget to tweet it using the hashtag #cleanAirBrixton

06 February 2015

Candelit vigil in Myatt's Fields Park this Saturday: Show your support for the library and park

This Saturday, 7 February 2015, local charity the Minet Hub have organised a candlelit vigil in Myatt's Fields Park to protest at proposed cuts to the park and the closure of the Minet Library.