08 February 2015

Councillors call on Tfl to "clean up their act" as new study finds poor air quality is damaging the local area

Vassall's three local councillors have joined Lambeth Labour's campaign to force Tfl to address poor air quality around Brixton Road and the surrounding area.

The new petition which kicked off this week calls on London's transport bosses to introduce retro fitted, clean buses after new figures suggested that Brixton Road breached the legal limit for diesel fume pollution for the whole of 2015 after just four days this year. This key road which runs through the heart of Vassall is one of the busiest in South London, with large numbers of Tfl buses using the road and contributing significantly to pollution in the area.

The petition, sponsored by Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, the Lambeth cabinet member responsible for transport and the environment, says:

Brixton Road has the worst recorded air quality in London. The limit on NO2 recommended levels was breached after only three weeks of this year. Gas guzzling London buses are the primary cause of this poor air quality which affects the lives of Lambeth residents. Public Health England has estimated that 112 deaths a year are connected to poor air quality in Lambeth. We need TfL to clean up the buses so we can clean up our air quality.

Lambeth is a borough where major bus routes and high numbers of taxis contribute significantly to the pollution levels. Brixton Road is a TfL road which carries the highest number of buses and taxis in the borough.

Brixton Road is carries the highest number of buses and taxis in the borough and Streatham High Road is not far behind. We call on the Mayor of London to use retro-fitted, clean buses on these roads to protect the people that use them every day.

We are neglected by tube and train services in South London and depend on buses more than anywhere else – why shouldn’t we have the best ones?

Vassall's three Labour councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - all support the new petition, adding in a statement:

"We have to make London's transport network cleaner and ensure that local people in the area are not subjected to poor levels of air quality. Brixton Road is bordered on either side by a large number of homes, local businesses, places of worship and not too far from local primary schools. The impact of air pollution will extends far beyond this immediate area and is no doubt affecting people's health throughout Vassall. We need Tfl to get their act together and address this vital environmental and health issue."

You can sign the petition here - and don't forget to tweet it using the hashtag #cleanAirBrixton