29 June 2015

Burst water main in Kennington hitting water supply in Vassall

Earlier today a Thames Water pipe burst in Kennington, causing a mini-flood in the area and affecting water pressure and supply to large parts of Vassall.

You can read more about the burst pipe in the Evening standard here.

Thames Water are providing updates via their twitter account and local councillor Paul Gadsby contacted them swiftly asking for further, quick updates about the issue. Lambeth's scrutiny chair Cllr Ed Davie has already said on twitter that the incident will be looked into by his committee following a similar burst pipe in Herne Hill.

As we get further reports, we will seek to keep this page updated.


Thames Water have confirmed that they are now repairing the link and that water supplies are returning to the area, but it may take a number of hours before full water pressure returns.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 30 June

According to Thames Water, supplies have returned to Vassall, any issues do contact Thames Water.