15 June 2015

What are your policing priorities for our community?

Vassall's new local community police office, PC Soren Dymond, has launched a new survey asking for local residents to input their views on what the local policing priorities should be in our area.

The survey is open to all residents and covers a range of issues, including asking what the major concerns are of residents and what the focus should be of the local police force. You can fill in the survey here.
PC Dymond is also looking for resident's views on how police should use a policing community action day on Thursday, 16 July. 
Is there a particular area where residents would like to speak to police on that day? Should an event be held with parts of our local community so police can better understand their needs?
To give your views to PC Dymond, please contact him below:
Talking about the survey and the community action day, Cllr Paul Gadsby, said:
"I would encourage residents to fill in this survey as it is important we get the policing priorities for our community right. Along with my colleagues - Jacqui Dyer and Annie Gallop - I have fed back that police do need to keep an eye on recent crime issues around Myatt's Field North and the Oval Quarter, as well as other forms of anti-social behaviour further afield in Vassall.
"We do all live in a great, friendly and safe community, but we do need to work with local police to keep it that way."
You can also follow the local policing team on twitter at @MPSVassall