23 July 2015

Myatt's Field North resident's association AGM this weekend

One of Vassall's most active resident's associations will be holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) this weekend, with the event open to all those living in the area.

The Resident Association and PFI Monitoring Board (RAMB) plays a key roll in representing local resident's and scrutinising the recent housing development in the area, which encompasses the Oval Quarter. The meeting will not only elect officers from the community to represent the area for the coming year, but will also provide food and refreshments after the meeting, with music from Ninja Force Sound.

The gathering will take place at the Myatts' Field North Community Centr 24 Crawshay Road, beginning at 3pm, with festivities finishing at 9pm. All members of the community welcome, and please do contact the RAMB if you are interested in finding out more on myattsfieldnorth.ramb@gmail.com or 07415-764-35. All three of Vassall's councillors will be looking to attend the day.