29 August 2015

Lambeth Healthwatch AGM set for September

Lambeth's local healthwatch body will be holding its AGM on Wednesday, 23 September, with all residents with an interest in healthcare invited to attend.

Full information about the AGM can be found in the below flyer.

Vassall councillor surgeries in September

Vassall councillors Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop will be holding their regular surgeries in Vassall in September. They will be held on:

Tuesday, ​1 September 2015
Myatts Field Park Depot
Cormont Road
1pm - 2pm

Thursday, 24 September 2015
Myatt's Field North Community Centre
Crawshay Road (off Cowley Road)

Saturday, 26 September 2015
Myatt's Field South Community Hall
Burton Lane

If these dates are inconvenient for you or you have a problem or issue that requires immediate attention please contact the Vassall Labour Councillors directly:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - 07920 548463 -jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby - 07814 567 690 - pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - 07920 560175 - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

24 August 2015

Longfield Hall wins funding for wheelchair access improvements

Longfield Hall has received new funding from Lambeth council to make the hall wheelchair accessible following a bid backed by Vassall's three Labour councillors.

The grant of £7,000 from the council's Transitional Fund for Co-operative Libraries and Hubs will enable to building to host a wider range of meetings and events now it has wheelchair accessible. Longfield Hall is an iconic building first opened in 1892 which is already used by over 500 residents each week for a variety of activities, including dance classes and local community events.

Vassall councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - welcomed the new funding and said:

"Longifeld Hall is a really excellent local community hall run by volunteers who devote a lot of time to continuing its long tradition of serving the local area. This new improvement will help the Hall expand it's services even further and we were very happy to support this funding push; a lot of the praise should be going to the Hall's team who lobbied hard to get this award."

You can find out more about the Hall here.

21 August 2015

Myatt's Field South Festival in September

Myatt's Field South are organising a special end of summer festival at the beginning of September that includes a host of activities from face painting for children to free bicycle repairs. Full details below.

20 August 2015

Loughborough Junction road closures to begin at end of August

Plans to implement a series of road closures as part of a six month experimental trail to improve the Loughborough Junction area are set to go ahead on Saturday 29th August.

The proposals for Junction are designed to expand public spaces, introduce safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, put in place environmental improvements and encourage a greater mix of retail outlets.  The project will lead to closures on the following roads:

· Loughborough Road, north of the junction with Ridgeway Road
· Barrington Road
· Calais Street
· Padfield Road
· Lilford Road
· Garden Grove

These closures will be a six month experiment that will be kept under continuous observation to monitor the impact on traffic flows in the area - an issue that was raised by many residents in the neighbourhood.

Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, the cabinet member with responsibility for the project, said:

"We anticipate starting to get a decent understanding of the trial’s impact after about 4weeks; will hold an interim review at 3months; and a final consultation and evaluation of the project’s effectiveness at 6 months.

"Stockwell Partnership, a Lambeth-based community charity, have been appointed to manage on-going consultation and engagement with local residents and businesses – dates, times and venues will be advertised as soon as possible. On that note, following the recent Call In, local councillors in Coldharbour, Vassall and Herne Hill have made clear that they would like to ensure as many local people as possible are aware of and involved in this project. I am asking (council) officers to help establish a councillor led tri-ward forum which meets regularly over the initial life of the project to discuss its impact and influence its outcome.

"I do appreciate that this matter has not been without its share of controversy. However, the sole intention is to create a safer, cleaner, more pleasant place to live and work. I am confident that we can succeed but will of course ensure that all views are taken on board and that the evaluation process is objective and transparent"

Lambeth is encouraging residents to send feedback to the two leads on the project once it has begun on the 29th August:

George Wright on gwright@lambeth.gov.uk

Barbara Poulter on bpoulter@lambeth.gov.uk

Vassall councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Annie Gallop and Paul Gadsby - said:

"We have as councillors received a huge amount of feedback about this project, both for and against these proposals. We have sought to ensure residents have had their voices listened too, by organising a public meeting about the matter and lobbying successfully for a pause in its implementation while improved monitoring procedures were drawn up by Lambeth. The decision to move ahead with these proposals was recently reviewed by Lambeth's scrutiny committee with a further set of conditions placed on the project before it moved forward.

"The proposals do have the potential to improve the Loughborough Junction space which has long been neglected, but we have to make sure the balance is right and that traffic is not made worse in the area. We would encourage all residents to feedback during this trial and let us know if they have any views on how it is working in practice."

17 August 2015

Lambeth council first in country to ban laughing gas as a recreational drug

Lambeth Council has today become the first in the UK to ban the use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, as a recreational drug.

Although medically safe and not illegal, the chemical can cause a drop in blood pressure, fainting and heart attacks when used on a regular basis. Last month a death of a teenager in Bexley was linked to the drug. Between 2006 and 2012 the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs said the use of laughing gas could have caused 17 fatalities in the UK with the US recording around 15 deaths a year.

It is illegal to sell to under-18s if there is a risk they will inhale it, but it remains available for adults to buy. However, from today, those using it publicly in Lambeth can now be issued with an on-the-spot fine of up to £1,000.

Councillor Jane Edbrooke, the cabinet member responsible for community safety in the borough, said using the gas was "not harmless fun" and with the gas has quickly become the UK's fourth popular recreational drug with the Home Office statistics showing some 470,000 people taken nitrous oxide in 2013-14. She also said the new measures would tackle the disposal of the cannisters in the brough's streets:

"The government's new laws will tackle production, importation and supply of legal highs, but there's a big gap around actually tackling people who use these drugs and leave canisters lying all over our streets,"

"The mess left in some of our neighbourhoods after a Friday and Saturday night just isn’t acceptable, with families having to witness this behaviour on a regular basis, as well as coming across these canisters in their playgrounds, parks and streets."

13 August 2015

Healthwatch Lambeth launch new mental health survey in Vassall

Healthwatch Lambeth have launched a new survey about mental health wellbeing in Vassall.

The survey, which is being supported by local councillors, aims to build on the recommendations of Lambeth’s Black Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission which explored how the borough could improve the prevention and treatment of mental illness within the black community. This survey is looking for responses from across Lambeth's communities on what they know about how to get advice and help about mental health issues.

You can fill in the survey here and follow Healthwatch Lambeth on twitter for their latest updates.  

12 August 2015

Lambeth confirms roll out of 20mph limit on borough's roads

Lambeth council have confirmed that from November this year it will begin the roll out of a 20mph speed limit on all roads controlled by the borough, including those in Vassall. It fufils Lambeth Labour's ongoing pledge to make roads in Lambeth safer.

The announcement is designed to deliver a number of improvements to health and safety, including:
  • Cut the number of casualties in the borough
  • Improving pedestrian safety
  • Encouraging more confidence among cyclist
  • Cutting the number of accidents around schools.
Talking about the announcement, Lambeth cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, says:

“We want safer streets in Lambeth; streets where people enjoying living and working and where they feel safe to walk and cycle”.

Talking about the impact on the local area, Labour councillors Jacqui Dyer, Annie Gallop and Paul Gadsby, said;

"We are very happy the roll out of this programme is due to start in November and it will contribute to making local roads safer for families and children, especially near our local schools."

You can find out more about the announcement on here - including a helpful Q&A.

05 August 2015

Home Grown food festival set for Myatt's Field Park

Myatt's Field Park will be hosting a special food festival on Saturday, 26 September between 1pm and 5pm.

The event will showcase the area's rich food culture with local bakers, cooks, food growers and producers invited to showcase their wears in stalls around the park. Levi Roots will also be live on stage with his Herbs and Spices band from 1pm in the main bandstand.

All residents are welcome to attend and if you are interested in running a stall prices are £10 for individuals, £20 community organisations and £50 commercial. There will be 20 free stalls, with priority given to local food growing groups and local food producers (stalls allocated on a first come first served basis).

Get your queries and applications through to enquiries@myattsfieldspark.info .Application deadline 15th August 2015.