24 August 2015

Longfield Hall wins funding for wheelchair access improvements

Longfield Hall has received new funding from Lambeth council to make the hall wheelchair accessible following a bid backed by Vassall's three Labour councillors.

The grant of £7,000 from the council's Transitional Fund for Co-operative Libraries and Hubs will enable to building to host a wider range of meetings and events now it has wheelchair accessible. Longfield Hall is an iconic building first opened in 1892 which is already used by over 500 residents each week for a variety of activities, including dance classes and local community events.

Vassall councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - welcomed the new funding and said:

"Longifeld Hall is a really excellent local community hall run by volunteers who devote a lot of time to continuing its long tradition of serving the local area. This new improvement will help the Hall expand it's services even further and we were very happy to support this funding push; a lot of the praise should be going to the Hall's team who lobbied hard to get this award."

You can find out more about the Hall here.